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第1篇:火灾逃生onenight,wheniwasabouttogotosleep,isuddenlyheardanexplosionofbomb iwatchedoutfromthewindowandsawthatheavysmogrisefromafactorynearmyhome thenflam


one night, when i was about to go to sleep, i suddenly heard an explosion of bomb. i watched out from the window and saw that heavy smog rise from a factory near my home. then flames leap out. my father realized that it was an explosion and then caused a fire. he called 119 and 120 immediately. at the same time, my neighborhoods looked out from balconies and windows. they made phone calls, telling others what happened, or discussed with others. after a while, several fire engines and ambulances arrived. they immediately starting to put out the fire and rescue the trapped people. about half an hour later, the fire was put out, two people injured and no people died. it was lucky. however, it reminds us that we should focus on preventing fire carefully in daily life. a slightest mistake may cause serious consequences.


many people now rive and work in very tart buildings. it is often not so easy to get away from these buildings in an emergency, resulting in great toss of lives. so how to survive in case of a fire is a problem concerning all those involved.

no one knows for sure when a fire witt happen, so it is extremely necessary to make preparations before a fire starts. check the fire escape in advance and make sure that you can find it in the dark when lights have failed. find out where the nearest fire extinguisher is and read the instructions to learn how to use it.

don't lose your head if unfortunately a fire breaks out. first, telephone the fire department immediately when the fire just gets started. take care not to be overcome by smoke, which containing monoxide gas, can kill you quickly. cover your mouth with a wet towel or a wet cloth, and avoid getting into the smoke. don't get in an elevator, as you may get trapped if the electricity fails. if you can not get away by yourself, it is of great importance to hang something out of the window to attract attention as a sign of asking for help.

in short, if you make preparations before hand and take precautions during the fire, chances are that you will survive in case of a fire if it really breaks out some day.