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第一篇:我的中学老师精选Thenewsemesterhasbegun Everythingseemsthesameasbefore,exceptonething ThatisourclasshasanewEnglishteacher HisnameisYangyang,butwealways

第一篇: 我的中学老师精选

The new semesterhas begun. Every thing seems the same as before, except one thing.

That is ourclass has a new English teacher.

His name is Yang yang, but we always call his Englishname, Robert. He is a young and sunshine. He just graduated from university.

Hispronunciation is very good and I like his spoken English. Robert is humorousand his class is interesting and lively.

Except for the textbook, he finds manyother articles for class teaching, such as songs, movies and cartoons.

He saysthat we can learn more from what we are interested in. I like this new teacher.

Sara, who comes from Canada, is our Oral English teacher. She is loved and respected by many students.

What influences me most is that she is warm-hearted, generous and easy-going.

She always stays optimistic and tries hard to understand every of her student.

Besides, she often tells us some interesting stories and jokes in class, so as to make a happy atmosphere for us to study English.

She loves teaching so much and has the eagerness to devote her life to Education. Because of her outstanding achievements, she had won lots of rewards, one of which is “Model Teacher” prize.

My new teacher is science teacher. He’s very strong.

He has a big mouth, two big ears, two big eyes and a not too big and not too small nose.

He often wears a black new shirt and brown pants, with two big shoes。

My science teacher is very kind. And he is very smart, isn’t he? Today, we have science class.

We are very happy. Because he is so funny. Who is he? He’s a Mr. Zhou .

Our class is a bad class in our school. But when Mr. Johnson came,everything changed. He looks kind and special.

Before he came, we thought classes were boring. And no one listened to the teachers carefully.

But Mr. Johnson has made us the best class only half a year later.

He is fond of talking with us equally and never forces us to study. He develops our interests in studying.

Besides, he tells us how to be a man first, then to be a good student.

He respects our feelings, so we all trust him and feel glad to follow what he says.

第二篇: 我的中学老师作文600字

The king of the respect teacher:

Hello! This semester we began to learn to write a composition, you adopt the way of playing, cultivate our interest in writing, to make our writing level is getting higher and higher; At the same time in the life also are very concerned about us, make our healthy growth!

Remember once, the bell rang, you came into the classroom, and a bag in his hand and two bowl, there is a pair of chopsticks, you said: "this lesson let"s play the game of clamp beans." We are glad to cheer. You said the rules of the game, the game began, we played happily. After the game, you told us to write a composition of beans, because we"ve just experienced, so we composition is well written, the students have said: "we are not afraid to write a composition anymore."

At another time, at the end of the class, you said: "today the weather was too hot, the next class is physical education, you want to take off a clothes, drink more water." Finish one by one to check our clothes, if some bad clothes off, you will help him off.

Thank you teacher wang: thank you teach us knowledge, thank you for your care for us.

I wish you a healthy body, all the best!

Your students: XXX

Dear teacher zhang:


How time flies, now, we are the pupils of grade 3, you also with us for three years. In this three years you to inculcate for us, we sincerely thank you for your interest in our pay.

Teacher zhang, you are our Chinese teacher is the school"s vice principal, it is conceivable that you work very hard, and must be busy. You also worry about our group of naughty children, whenever the end of the term, you need to turn to home visits, exchange our mom and dad all children at school.

The teacher you like the gardener, hard all the time for our watering, fertilizing, when we need to cut branches and leaves, you again in our side, we pay for. You pay too much for us, we only have to study hard to return you expect of us.

In this beautiful holiday, I want to thank you, thank you for your careful teaching along the way, we can become more confident brave...

Best wishes for you

A happy holiday, healthy body!

Dear teachers:

Hello! Thank you for the past three years of my mother"s teachings, really glad that life will meet you at the beginning of the such a good teacher, let me slowly to mature from an ignorant child.

Remember, just to go to school, I do all thing, is your education I, don"t waste time, do things quickly, is also popular in LeiLi you move affects me, made me have great progress.

My grades on your last test is not high, the in the mind very sad. You not only didn"t scold me, also encouraged me: "no matter, the problem to see next time, seriously, teachers believe that you will get good grades." With the teacher"s encouragement, I listening in class, do questions was careless temper change a lot, improvement quickly.

Thank you teacher for us to build a happy learning space, thanks to the teacher to our care and teaching.

Thank you for your concern, thank you for your help! In the future I will work harder!

You were laborious, thank you!

Your students:XXX

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